A foundation of strength.

QUAD was founded in 2001 when four top Philadelphia area recruiters joined forces. What we share – and what continues to inform our work together — is a fierce entrepreneurial vision and a determination to uphold the highest standards of excellence. Our singular goal is to help you succeed.


An unparalleled understanding of the marketplace.

QUAD has grown significantly since our inception. We now have more than 30 full-time recruiters in our Pennsylvania and New Jersey offices. Our people have professional backgrounds in the disciplines for which they recruit. They have not only earned undergraduate and MBA degrees from top schools, but better than 60% have at least a decade of recruiting experience in their fields. Hands down, QUAD has the largest tenured recruiting staff in the entire Philadelphia region. Our education and experience help us to quickly grasp both the hiring needs of our clients and the strengths of our candidates. Our understanding of the marketplace is unparalleled.


An enormous circle of influence.

Success breeds success, and thanks to the success of countless clients and candidates, we are always moving forward. And even as we regularly welcome new partners, much of our business comes to us through long-established relationships and confident referrals. With the sophistication of communication technologies, our network, influence and reach continue to grow. But ultimately, we are just happy to help you find what you need, in order to succeed.


A vision for what lies ahead.

Throughout the lean times of recent years, we have continued to reinvest and grow. We’ve expanded our New Jersey office, and augmented our staff at both locations. We’ve extended our reach into Sales, Engineering, Insurance, Information Technology and Analytics. And while many groups have scaled back, we’ve hired even more of the finest recruiting talent available. Growth is what lies ahead for every great firm, so we’re planning ahead for yours!