So you’ve built the better mousetrap. Now you need to build your brand, maintain your message, and get the word out across all media. You need professionals who can customize strategies to target your market… and reach it. You need people who can keep your company’s name, products and services foremost in the minds of your audience. That’s the way to establish relationships and make the sale.


We’ll help you close the deal. QUAD can find a broad range of skilled professionals — from creatives to coordinators — for your every project and direct hire sales/ marketing position. Our team of consultants and recruiters has proven experience across a wide range of industries.


We have a growing database of…

  • Interim Marketing Managers
  • Graphic Designers
  • PR Specialists
  • Editors/Proofreaders
  • Online Content Managers
  • Marketing Coordinators

At a time when the corporate landscape is dynamic and the economic outlook uncertain, the winner is the team with a track record of consistent results. Rely on QUAD to help you build and maintain that team.


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